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E-T Lola™
New Forged Line

The Lola is the blend of classic road racing heritage in modern 18" sizing. These are perfect for your Pro-Touring car or track day classic. Fitments include generous pad height to clear calipers and a positive offset to work with modern geometry suspensions. The rear wheel has a concave center for an aggressive look. These are a forged center and a spun forged rim to yields strength and weight savings, yet also allows for a wide range of offset in 1/8" increments due to its 2-piece construction.




Lola Specs & Pricing
Wheel Size Photos Front Side Setting
Back Side Setting
Price Each
Dk Grey
Price Each
18 x 7     Call NA 839
18 x 8     Call NA 839
18 x 9     Call NA 849
18 x 9.5     Call NA 849
18 x 10     Call NA 859
18 x 11     Call NA 869
18 x 12     Call NA 899


Call for pricing and back spacing: (510) 895-8880.

Optional hex cap shown


= See wheel on vehicle.    =See photo comparison of wheel in different sizes.









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